Saturday, December 1, 2012

திலகருக்கு கடிதம்

The "Bala bharata" Office
Triplicane, Madras
Dated, 29th May 1908

Sriman B.G.Tilak

Dear Guruji,

I have received a letter from Pandit Krishnavarma asking us to open a Hindi class in Madras, under the auspices of the Chennai Jana Sangham. We have already opened a small class. I hope it will bel faily well-attended in due course of time. I shall report its progress. latter on.

We have decided to hold a Naitonal Provincial Conference in Madras, on the lines marked out in the Calcutta Congress. What about the next Congress? What has become of our Nationalist Committee? Our Secretary Mr.Chidambaram is just now you know where. Please Mr.Kelkar to correspond with our Sangham about the matter.

Yours sincerely,
C.Subramania Bharati


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