Friday, December 7, 2012

The Crime of Caste

“Four Varnas were made by me according to variations of character and work.”

The Gita says this, and it specifies the occupations and traits pertaining to each Varna. Everyone knows what they are. I may be permitted to call this Chatur varnya (Four Varna System) bye the name of “ the Gita theory of society”, although it is well known that the same ideal is upheld in most of the ancient writings. I do so for convenience. The Gita theory may, or may not, promote the highest interests of man. It was never experimented in its pure form, or, if it was, history tells us nothing about it. As a hypothesis it is one of the best and the most attractive. At least some of us think so.

But the caste law is leagues away from the Gita theory. For the Brahmanas have long ceased to make Vedas and Shastras; they have long ceased to think seriously of eternal verities of the sciences of this earth. They have totally forgotten the meaning of the older and purer writings. They adopt all professions. They are cake-sellers, railway clerks, and police – constables. And their general intelligence and character are naturally on a level with their pursuits. The Kshatriyas have long ceased to govern.

(மேலும் வாசிக்க...)

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